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St. Peter's Square 
Wednesday, June 4, 2014



The gifts of the Holy Spirit: 6. Pietà


Dear brothers and sisters, good morning.


Today we want to dwell on a gift of the Holy Spirit that is so often misunderstood or considered in a superficial way, and instead touches at the heart of our identity and our Christian life: it is the gift of mercy.

It should be clear now that this gift is not identified with having compassion for someone, have pity of others, but indicates that we belong to God and our deep connection with God, a relationship that gives meaning to all our lives and we maintains balances in communion with Him, even in the most difficult and troubled.

1. This relationship with the Lord is not intended as a duty or an imposition. It is a bond that comes from within. It is a living relationship with the heart: it is our friendship with God, given to us by Jesus, a friendship that changes our lives and fills us with enthusiasm and joy. For this reason, the gift of piety awakens in us the first of gratitude and praise. This is actually the reason and the truest meaning of our worship and our worshipWhen the Holy Spirit makes us feel the presence of the Lord and all His love for us, warms the heart and moves us quite naturally to prayer and celebration. Pity, then, is synonymous with authentic religious spirit of filial confidence with God, the ability to pray with love and simplicity which is characteristic of the humble of heart.

2. If the gift of piety makes us grow in relationship and communion with God and leads us to live as his children, at the same time helps us to pour out this love on the others and recognize them as brothersAnd then, yes, we will be motivated by feelings of pity - no pity! - In relation to those around us and those we meet every day. Why do I say not to pity? Why do some people think that having compassion is close your eyes, make a face like a little picture, pretend to be a saint. In Piedmont we say: do the "Mugna quacia." This is not the gift of piety. The gift of piety really means to be able to rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep, to be close to those who are lonely or anxious, to correct those who are in error, and to comfort the afflicted, to welcome and assist those in need. There is a very close relationship between the gift of piety and gentleness. The gift of mercy that gives us the Holy Spirit makes us meek makes us calm, patient, at peace with God, serving others with gentleness.

Dear friends, in the Letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul says, "All who are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God, and ye have not received a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received the Spirit adopted as children, by whom we cry, "Abba! Father! '"(Rom. 8:14-15). We ask the Lord that the gift of his Spirit can overcome our fears, our uncertainties, including our restless, impatient, and can make us joyful witnesses of God and of his love, worshiping the Lord in truth and also in the service of others with meekness and always with a smile that the Holy Spirit gives us joy. That the Holy Spirit offers to all of us this gift of compassion.


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